Anyone who once said "Mi casa es su casa" certainly had to go out for a family weekend at one of our lodges or an evening with friends at Knokke Out. If sharing is going through our veins like cocktails will flow freely at your next event, then you've come to the right place.
Our places were created to satisfy a single goal: that of gathering and partying without thinking about the constraints of everyday life. They have all been designed to accommodate groups of all sizes. Their goal? A simple drink with colleagues or friends that ends up in an evening of madness.


The star of our big tables is the buffet - to name just one. Because it pleases everyone and brings all tastes together in one place, from vegan to carnivore, including flexitarian or gluten-free menus. Even though we are sad not to see you and we miss you terribly during this special time, we know that joint efforts can lead to better. We are also well aware that, during our reunion, this gourmet must-have will have to be reviewed. Sharing yes, but respecting safety standards!

We are therefore thinking about adapting our services, and this also involves the menu of our restaurants and terraces, including that of the River Woods Beach Club in Knokke. The card of our nautical sports club, for example, will have to be redesigned to respect the municipal measures that have been put in place: will the food to share section always be in demand? Will our customers still be inclined to share an aperitif with their colleagues or friends, when it is mainly composed of finger food?

This pandemic pushes us to be more creative, to leave our comfort zone to reinvent ourselves. So let's take this opportunity to improve ourselves and make the Knokke Out atmosphere grow!


Once the lockdown is over and our establishments can reopen, we will be more than happy to welcome you again. We will obviously take all the necessary measures to ensure your safety, but especially to serve you as you have not been served since March 18!


Are you already familiar with Knokke Out Waterloo, our tastefully renovated farm 10 years ago to become a restaurant, event room and nightclub? Only a few steps away is the Event Room, the ideal place to privatize in all circumstances. During this lockdown, we took the time to give it a little fresh air and abracadabra! This amazing room is just waiting for you to let the magic speak. Okay, let's show you to make your mouth water!


Ecology, or the word that has been on everyone's lips in recent weeks, even more than before. You've probably heard too many promises tossed like confetti. And our group does not pretend to be perfect, far from it. We are not yet brave enough to get on our bike in the rain or motivated enough to establish zero waste in all our places. On the contrary, we prefer to move forward gradually and keep our commitments, because we cannot remain insensitive to the ecologically positive changes that this confinement has brought about.

At the River Woods Beach Club, for example, we planned to participate in the Eneco Clean Beach Cup, the great spring cleaning on the Belgian coast. We also recycle the butts that our customers leave us and entrust them to an external organization that processes them into portable ashtrays. Our straws, on the other hand, are made of cardboard (but without the taste of cardboard!) And our cups and glasses are collected and repackaged. As a bonus: we said goodbye to small cookies and small tubs of milk with coffee to switch to bulk service.

These small gestures that are already part of our daily life allow us to reduce our consumption of plastic, reduce food waste or even lower our mass of waste. We are well aware that other efforts must be put in place, and we are working on it!


… And if you are missed too, enjoy the Knokke Out atmosphere at home! Far from being Milkywaysblueyes and other Noholita, our staff plays the influencers and bends over backward to bring you the Knokke Out Spirit at home. Cocktail recipes, presentation of the teams ... It’s on our social networks! Do you want to come back to one of our places to spend a great evening or just to eat a good burger with friends? So support us by purchasing a voucher whose value will be deducted from your next bill!

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